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Jake J. Just Left Degario's a Four Star Review!


Jake just left Degario's Ristorante a four star review!

Our family has been big fans of Allan's Mexican Restaurant for years. Who knew that Chef Leo could also cook Italian, too? Degario's is well-executed Italian fare with an improbably creative menu at a moderate price point. My fava bean and asparagus salad was hearty and well-balanced - vegetables were blanched and chilled and perfectly crisp tender, balanced with a simple dressing on olive oil and pecorino cheese. My gnocchi was pillowy - perhaps a touch overcooked - but dressed with such delicious sauce and vegetables that I hardly noticed. We finished with a simple, warm chocolate almond cake. The menu is focused on multi-course dining so individual portions may seem small. Pasta entrees and pizzas run $12-$15 and by themselves would make for a light lunch. Couples might split a salad ($8-$10) to round out the meal. A proper three course dinner might run $40/person or more, not including wine. There are a few lunch specials under $10 that include a side salad. All-in-all an excellent dining experience with well-prepared, quality food for a fair price.

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