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Degario's Just Got a Five Star Review!


Petra just left Degarios Ristorante a Five Star Review

By the same owners of Allan's just across the street. I love Allan's, the people working there are always wonderful how can I go across and try the Italian restaurant?! Ok ok same owner so get over myself. Oh I'm so glad I tried the food here. So incredibly glad I tried their food! Being from Europe I've eaten in many Italian restaurants that are run by Italian born chefs, may I request a bunch of them to come over and get some lessons from Degarios chefs. OMG! Everything is uber fresh (as Italian food should be) and extremely yummy. We started with mozzarella sticks (baked) yum yum yum! The drinks are delicious as well (I'm lousy with Italian names but I had the cocktail with cucumber, and at my last visit the New Amsterdam vodka one). First visit I had the risotto with asparagus: WoW! I'm quite fuzzy about risotto, it's often too mushy or too al dente, too greasy, too dry not balanced etc. well not here! Here the risotto is perfect. Yes I dare say perfect! Taste is delicate and beautiful (allow me the highest compliments and translate a Dutch saying: "as if an angel peed on your tongue" Yes that truly is a very high compliment ). For dessert I had to try the tiramisu. It was really good ! I must explain my good as it may sound meh, it's not meh. Trouble is I like my tiramisu very strong. When I make tiramisu its adults only strong ! As in high coffee and alcohol; you'll be so buzzzzzzzed, you wouldn't know whether to run around the block or take a nap buzzed. Degarios tiramisu is beautifully balanced. Next visit I tried the ravioli with broccoli creamy sauce (again, the dish has a beautiful name I'm just lousy remembering them). Oh my gosh, again just so fresh and so well balanced. Every bite is a feast. It's all so right ! Perfectly right. As desert I had the almond cake and it came fresh out of the oven, hate to sound repetitive but yum yum yum. Ambiance 10/10: it has a wonderful feel of contemporary yet not overboard where you don't want to bring your kid. Wonderful for all occasion and all number of parties. Food & drinks: 10/10 yum yum. Staff 10/10: Kami is so patience, fun and knowledgable and she's not hovering over you. Staff will think and work with you if you have any food allergies or preferences, they're super accommodating ! The chefs, well they sure know what they're doing 10/10!

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